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Ao "Mid" King

  • Ao Kuang

    Mage Ranged

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    Name Marcus

    IGN Gantos


Just made a guide on how I play Ao Kuang. Some things like the skill build might be wrong as I'm not sure which levels you can level what.

Strength & Weaknesses of Ao Kuang



  • Easy to gank early on
  • Without farm he's worthless
  • Only does well mid generally

Early Game

You should always go mid as Ao Kuang as it is here he is infamous for pushing down the tower very early. Don't conserve your mana - use Tornadoes on every creep wave and make sure to hit as many of the creeps as possible. What helps is to run in front of your creeps and cast Tornadoes in the path of the enemy creeps while they are still moving. What you are aiming for is for the enemy melee creeps to run through your Tornadoes (applying the DoT on them), and for the archers to stop within it. Remember, Tornadoes has a slight delay between casting it and for it to actually get activated so take this into consideration.

Using Tornadoes alone will cause your opponent to have a hard time killing your creeps before the tower, which will result in harassing the tower and the opponent getting less gold.

As Ao Kuang is such a strong pusher, you will spend most of your early game on their side of the map. This leaves you very susceptible to ganks and therefore you need to be very aware of your positioning, as well as the whereabouts of the enemy gods. Be cautious, don't get carried away and retreat early if you know there's incoming enemy gods.

Mid Game

Go around and gank the lanes with Spirit's Tempest. If you successfully kill the enemies or at least force them to port back, feel free to push down their tower while they are gone. Kill any creep camp you come across while moving between lanes as this will help you survive and get some decent extra gold and experience.

Remember to keep an eye on the middle lane while you go around and be ready to call out miss mid if you can't see the enemy god in middle.

Late Game

Focus on getting the damage and speed buff but always bear in mind where the opponent team is so they don't come for an easy kill on you. Try to keep yourself behind your allies and be ready to assist if needed. This late in the game you can usually just put a Tornadoes at a creep camp and that way get the buff without even being there. Remember that as long you get the creep dies it doesn't matter where you are you still get the gold and exp.

Team Fights

Stay in the back using Tornadoes and if someone tries to go on you just use Squall to slow him to oblivion. Be ready to use your aegis if necessary. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to use your Spirit's Tempest effectively, i.e. when the opponents are distracted by your allies and/or don't have much area to move. An example of this would be Odin using Ring of Spears or Hades using his Pillar of Agony.

Good Partners

Any god with big aoe slows or stuns as it'll help you output damage more effectively.



Gods that misplace you or generally kills people easily 1 v 1.


Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Spirit's Tempest

Overall AP build

Polynomicon is a beast early on with your passive and easily grants you 100-120 additional damage on attacks. It also gives you some type of damage when your spells are on CD. During late game it's also very strong when you are sitting on 500 AP. Other than that its a standard AP build.