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Jungle Book Bakasura

  • Bakasura

    Assassin Melee

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    Name Sam

    IGN goldpony


I am a beginner to the game however this guide will be tweaked as I level up. And will just generally contain a way for my friends to read how to jungle this beasty! The skill order may need to be tweaked as I don't remember when the ults become available (I play DotA, LoL and HoN so I derp between the 4).

Strength & Weaknesses of Bakasura


  • Very safe, fast jungle.
  • Strong ganks post 5 (jump and slow).
  • Strong dueling (Heal if in lane or near jungle mobs, 30% damage cooldown, true damage).


  • Relatively easy to escape if you can force his jump early.
  • Melee are easily singled out if caught out of position.
  • Jungling is very inconsistent at present due to the Hand of the Gods changes and ease of counter jungle by laners.

Early Game

I prefer to start at HP buff with Warrior Tabi level 1 and Hand of the Gods. I do this as mana isn't an issue when you have 1 long cooldown move and taking the mana second means you have more duration on it during your effective ganking phase.

I tend to treat my jungle as a second character in the solo lane, sure if mid or right are in trouble and I am in the area I will assist but I concentrate on snowballing myself and the solo laner.

Dangers include counter jungling and level 1 ganks of 2+ players. For this reason it isn't bad to hang out with your mid and solo until you are ready to take the first pack.

I time my ganks as minion lines are dropped to mitigate incoming damage and right as the solo gains an additional level over the duo (if applicable).

Level 2 is a good enough time to gank if your solo brings CC, otherwise trying to hit level 3 first will increase the success rate.

The gank opportunities are just natural gaps in your jungle route, you can and should do it if and when you see a chance. For example low HP opponents, duo laner left solo, duo or solo pushing too hard all can mean a free kill or two.

Green (use Hand of the Gods, consume buff minion at 33% > Blue (consume 1 small, dps down second small, ding 2, rank blades, activate blades, dps to 33%, comsume) > Gank? > Yellow (Dps down using 2 and 3) > Gank? (possible mid as you are close > Speed red (Use Hand of the Gods, consume large at 33%) > Gank?

By this point you should have attempted at least 1 gank and be able to b for an item. You are now able to jungle safely due to increase level and your build.

Mid Game

Mid game for me means Gold Fury control and counter pushing, assisting in skirmishes and so on. Identify people struggling and try and rectify those issues. Early game you lack the time or mobility to be everywhere. In mid game you will have Warrior Tabi level 3 and dependent on enemy team comp, Fatalis. Allowing you the flexibility to go where you wish.

Late Game

As the late game approaches the main issue is identifying when to hit up the Fire Giant. This could even be towards the back of mid game as he is easy to solo. I would advise making a team job of it however as interruption is a real risk and most competent opponents will guard it (Transgressors Fate, Broodlings, Ward).

Team Fights

In teamfights you are best used as an assassin/cleaner. If you run in headfirst with this build you will be maged down. Try to spot out of position carrys/mages or wait for the opposing team to waste significant cooldowns before you "John J Rambo". If Ra drops his Celestial Beam and Searing Pain needlessly (as the ALWAYS do in low level games) and the Artemis Calydonian Boar is on cooldown from the the skirmish before for instance you can start thinking about being a little beasty. However those two gods alone could result in fried Bakasura.

This applies to all melee champions really but if you run in there and left click blindly like this you will do better than someone using moves perfectly diving into 4 ready ults.

Try and gain Eat Minion stacks as often as possible the damage isn't great but the minion blocking is underrated and hilarious.

Good Partners

People I prefer in the solo lane have some form of escape or sustain (so a poke lane won't force you to babysit too hard) and possibly CC. This is a difficult point as the general "awakeness" of your lane, seeing your openings for a gank and so on will be far more important than who they are.

Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Take Down
Eat Minion
Butcher Blades

Core items.

This core set of items rely on the following:

Your attack speed increasing your 3's true damage.

Your ability to chase (Speed on fatalis, and slow on hammer)

Your ability to duel (Witch Stone sapping stats and shutting down carries vs you)

The up-time of your 3 as you are relying on this for damage. (20% cdr on Fatalis)

Below i will detail the last 2 slots and what i fequently use in them.

Optional items.

This is not a build just a list of items i enjoy using with my core.

Qins blades goes nicely into the build for anti tank utility though overcapping your attack speed. In this type of build i also use hide of Leviathan as i am more about staying in the fight than burst.

Deathbringer is a wonderful item though i find it against my playstyle however i pair it with soul eater for soloing for high lifesteal/dps and Golden bow for bursting. Other combinations exist however i love movespeed and golden bow comes with some crit to increase the infin...deathbringers passive.

I also consider Voidblade if a fed AD is not sufficiently struggling vs my witch stone as the armour shred also ups my chances of bursting/1v1ing a superior carry.

In an ideal world i would build 1 and 2 and live forever chewing on whom i wish, in the real world i would still die and as such common sense is required with a no lifesteal build!