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Agile, strong, and strangely attractive.

  • Bastet

    Assassin Melee

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    Name Justin

    IGN Nekoyuki


Hey all,

I'm new to using Bastet but have a good general idea of how to use her. This guide is here to give you an idea of how to use her and get kills like the sexy cat that you are.

Strength & Weaknesses of Bastet


  • Example strength... more like "She is an example of strength" Ha... <.< ... >.> (nobody laughin...)
  • She has great mobility and can get her butt in and out of the fray in the blink of an eye.
  • Her cats are very powerful.
  • If you catch them off guard you can nail two gods faster than they can escape.


  • Early game jungle isn't the best
  • She is squishy
  • Not really a weakness but if you try to harrass gods with Pounce while they are in their tower remember to jump back out before the ability runs out.

Early Game

Early game I like to grab lvl 1 Warrior Tabi and lvl 1 Soul Eater with 2 mana potions. Start off in the lane and grab Pounce first. Stay in lane but be cautious because you are a squishy. Use Pounce to harrass gods and auto attack the hell out of minons until at least 4. From there pretend to go back by walking past your first tower (tell your lane partner). Go check either green or blue buff, preferably green. Recall then proceed to blue after either trying to finish or actually finishing Warrior Tabi. After checking the blue camp go back to lane and gank when necessary or asked.

Mid Game

From here you should be grabbing Qin's Blades because a fast agile cat is the way to go. Continue to grab whatever buffs you can for the situation you are in. Speed buff is a solid buff to grab when it's up. You should also be trying to get blue buff whenever you can to prevent the enemy gods from doing so, as well as allowing yourself to spam more abilities. When jungling make sure you have Pounce ready in case they try to gank you. Once you have two buffs you may gank to your hearts content but be weary, bad decisions lead to death which leads to feeding. This in turn will lead to a very unhappy cat so play smart, and don't make silly decisions such as chasing them into their towers when you aren't sure you can't get out.

Late Game

By this time you should have the rest of the item build, which means you can pretty much assassinate every off-guard god you choose and destroy in 1v1 fights thanks you your cats. Grab some buffs and lift your team on your shoulders and carry as much as possible. Try to take out any of their remaining towers and focus on the ganking the weaker gods.

Team Fights

During a team fight what you want to do is wait for someone else to initiate and take that opportunity to use your Razor Claws on as many gods as you can. You should then focus on whomever is weaker/squishier/low on health - afterall you are a huntress! Choose you victim and use your Nine Tails and Cat Call then auto attack like crazy. Use your Pounce if they happen to get out of range of your auto attacks. If the fight gets too hot pounce back and run. Don't be a hero, go back home and be a family cat.

Good Partners

Gods I enjoyed pairing with were:

  • Agni, Anubis, Ao Kuang, Artemis, He Bo, and Ra for their lane pushing skills allowing me to jungle without fear of losing a tower.
  • Anhur and his Impale is a great way to initiate a fight where you can output a huge amount of damage.
  • Hades and Odin are also good because they can keep a god(s) in a set area for you to go bananas. However Odin is preferred due to his Ring of Spears not allowing dashers to get away. Also noted though Hades and his Pillar of Agony is a sure way to have your target waste a jump allowing you to jump at him and nuke him without worry of him jumping from you.
  • Sobek's Charge Prey and usual Gem of Isolation build is a nice asset in allowing you to have enemies come to you and stay there for an easy kill. However Sobek is bad at holding a lane early game so it'll be difficult to jungle with at first.
  • Ymir overall is a good god to keep enemies slowed, frozen, or blocked. Easy mode engaged.


  • Any crowd control ability that keeps you from using Pounce is a counter so make sure to grab Purification Beads if you notice you are getting hit with these moves alot.
  • You are an assassin not a tank so you won't have any protection items. You will therefore be pretty easy to kill if caught off guard so getting ganked is included as a counter. Saying that, these first two points on the list are applicable for any god.
  • In general Bastet is not a good early game jungler as I don't include the use of Hand of the Gods in this guide (explained later). Therefore if you are in a lane with an enemy jungler then they most likely grabbed blue or green first and will continue to grab buffs if you aren't quick enough. Keep your eyes open and ears alert for strange sounds in the jungle and try to deny or steal the buff by poucing in, bleeding the target, auto attacking and pouncing out. It will take some luck and skill but I have faith in you.
  • 1v1 with Bakasura isn't recommended due to his natural attack speed/damage buffs he'll out damage you a lot so unless you are just a pro and better than me, bring a friend.

Reasons for not using Hand of the Gods

At lvl 4 Bastet doesn't need it. I feel that the 750 gold is better spent on Soul Eater to get the life steal so you can solo fire giant and gold fury late game. In my opinion it's best to just lane and get Purification Beads instead because you are gonna need it. However if you feel you are not able to work without HoG, by all means grab it as it is useful early game.

Situations and Reactions

Getting ganked

Bastet is very agile and can manuveur really well. Her Pounce can be used in many ways to escape a gank. You can simply jump away from harm or can jump into the forest from the side. If you're still being chased you can then pounce back as long as it's within 4 seconds. You'll obviously want to do it near the end of the 4 seconds in this case so that you maximise the distance of the pounce back.

If ganked near a tower run into the closest wall to a jungle camp, jump in and proceed to run towards mid.

Phoenix is down

Have teammate hold the fort and try to push another lane hard to ensure you keep the enemy team busy. Don't be too reckless though; if the enemy gods continue to push the lane without a phoenix then by all means port back and defend.

Laning against Anubis

Against Anubis you'll want to get Purification Beads early so that when he does his Mummify > Death Gaze combo, you can use beads and jump into the forest. Always keep your Pounce available for this situation. If beads are down make sure you play very passively.

Laning against two tanks

Try to keep the lane frozen at mid and farm a little. Make sure your lane partner is capable at holding the lane. Gank when the chance arises and keep you eyes open for buffs. Harass the tanks enough for their life to get at least close to less than half then grab blue and green and wait in the forest for them to get greedy or at least just push up your lane.


Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little of gameplay for Kitty. Again this is just a general idea of how to play her if you have any advice or just want me to try something out for her feel free to leave your feedback. If you think I suck and that this guide blows... well then leave your feedback down below as well... jerk!


Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Razor Claws
Nine Tails
Cat Call

My favorite build

Start with lvl 1 of both Warrior Tabi and Soul Eater. Once you have enough gold finish off Warrior Tabi and then Soul Eater. After that just work on Qin's Blades. The next three items are interchangeable depending on your preference but this is my favorite build thus far.

Core items in my favorite build

Reasons why:

  • Warrior Tabi - They offer all of the above in terms of what you need. A little attack speed, physical power, and a little crit chance increase never hurts. Most importantly though movement speed is crucial for early game.
  • Soul Eater - Attack speed, more health, lifesteal, and an aura for teammates to share the sexiness this item offers. Why wouldn't you get this. Also the life steal will help you solo fire giant and gold fury late game.
  • Qin's Blades - Even more health and attack speed XD But also that chance for more damage is great.
  • The Executioner - Yes Titan's Bane has physical penetration but cmon now this item allows you to move faster, do more damage, and lower physical protection on enemies so you team can also do more damage on your opponent.

Recommended last items

  • Titan's Bane - More power and penetration ^_^ mmmmmmmmm
  • Frostbound Hammer - While you are fast as hell it is nice to slow them down so you can layeth down some more smacketh down on them.
  • Fatalis - With a great increase to attack speed and a decrease to cooldowns this is a good addition to the item build if you want to switch it up.
  • Brawler's Beat Stick - Try to add this to you arsenal before the The Executioner if you are in a lane against Hel and/or Guan Yu and you think they will be a problem.
  • Voidblade - If you really need to have some form of protection (which is not recommended really) then use this but the point is to do as much damage as fast as possible so it's up to you if you want to use this.
  • Ankh of the Golem - as I said above you really don't need this item as well but it's up to you if you want a little more protection.