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Cupid Ownage DPS Build

  • Cupid

    Assassin Ranged

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    Name Andrew

    IGN erax0r



My name is Andrew aka erax0r. My experience with mobas dates back to dota in the roc days circa 2004. That gives me around 8 years of solid moba experience. I started my own competitve dota allstars league ( and played in various competitive levels of dota ranging from the the first cal league dota, to many in house leagues. My goal for this guide is give you the best, most imbalanced cupid build available. Enjoy.


Strength & Weaknesses of Cupid


  • Great mobility with flutter (escape mechanism + chase mechanism).
  • Great ranged DPS (high attack speed and physical damage).
  • Great survive-ability (small model means hard to target).


  • Glass Cannon (high DPS but dies fast when taking damage).
  • Scaling Issues (performs best in early - mid game).
  • Not a free God (self explanatory - you have to either play or pay to play this guy).

Early Game

Cupid is best suited middle solo or with a ranged support (especially good with Sobek). Cupid is an early game monster. He is the single most powerful early game God IF you can land his ranged skill shot; Heart Bomb. At the beginning of the game purchase level 2 of the Heartseeker and 3-5 potions of health regeneration. Cupid has a passive ability that requires 10 attacks which will than cause his Heart Bomb to stun after the 3 second countdown expires. If you can land 2 Heart Bombs + some auto attacks, its an automatic kill. Ganking is very for Cupid to do thanks to his mobility with Flutter.

Mid Game

Mid game Cupid excels due to his ability to rack up kills (and gold). Do NOT purchase boots of any kind with Cupid (it's a waste of gold). Your item build will consist of:

  1. Heartseeker Level 3 ASAP.
  2. Fatalis Level 3.
  3. Devourer's Gloves Level 3.
  4. The Executioner Level 3.
  5. Soul Eater Level 3.
  6. Deathbringer Level 3.

Mid game you need to be focused on maxing out your Heartseeker charges as well as you Devourer's Gloves Charges. As you are leveling them KILL any God that comes in your path with a Flutter + Heart Bomb + Fields of Love Combo.

If a God is not in your lane take the towers in your lane OR gank a side lane. You need to get atleast to step 4 of your items listed above before the late game starts.

Late Game

Late game you start to scale downward. If you have been doing well early + mid game you will be a good 4-5 levels ahead of the rest of the players which will give you the advantage. You can solo the Gold Fury and the Fire Giant once you have level 1 of the Soul Eater. Do this as soon as you can and take advantage of your level advantage by ganking and pushing Phoenixes.

Team Fights

Cupid's role in team fights consist of throwing down his large AOE Mes (Fields of Love) as well as tossing out heals (Share the Love). When those abilities are not being used Cupid is Heart Bombing whoever he can and dishing out as much ranged DPS with auto attacks as possible. Stay on the outskirts of the team fights and use your flutter to chase down escaping heroes. 

Cupid should NEVER die first in a team fight, do your best to prevent this.

Good Partners

Sobek, Hades, Ymir, or any other God that offers a slow/stun ability.


(not yet implemented).

Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Heart Bomb
Share the Love
Fields of Love

Cupid Ownage DPS

This is the basic Cupid DPS build. Can also be used by any DPS God (best used with Ranged).