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Can't Touch this

  • Hades

    Ranged Tank

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    Name Justin

    IGN Nekoyuki


Hello all this is my first guide for Hades. (Heads up: this guide is not for killing its for support and tanking)

Strength & Weaknesses of Hades


  • Takes damage like a boss
  • With a good partner you can help him get fed
  • Best chance of survival


  • Kills are scarce
  • Anubis and bakasura can still rape face
  • Early game can be tricky especially with a bad partner.
  • Any one who can jump out of your ult is bad news so try to get a lane with a squishy non jumper.

Early Game

Stay in your lane, push until you are level 5 and conserve your mana. When you hit 5 a good ol' Death from Below, , Pillar of Agony combo will take out any non jumping enemy with the help of your partner of course. If you feel confident of not dying instead of grabbing lv. 2 Reinforced Boots and two health potions. Instead you could grab lv. 1 Reinforced Boots and Meditation to keep in lane till maybe lv. 9. 

Mid Game

Mid game you want to take at least one of the towers on your lane down and then try to gank whenever the chance arises. If not just stay your lane, declare MIAs and tank your lane. Keep an eye out for gankers because mid game you're still a little squishy.

Late Game

Late game this build isn't high in damage dealing so soloing isn't too bright. This class is high support so keep close to the stronger members of your team. However with all the items in the build you can just take damage, tank towers/minions and hold off a lane that has a phoenix down by yourself. If you want to be sneaky you and one other high damage god could sneak behind for a high risk phoenix dive. Hades at late game with all recommended gear can tank the phoenix for a good amount of time so with a high damage god at your side the phoenix is a good as dead. By tower dive i mean sneak behind a group of enemy minions and rush the phoenix through the jungle. Only do this if you have at least 1 enemy down and the other four are accounted for at a good enough distance away. I recommend a god like Artemis, Bakasura, Bastet, or Odin. Again this is high risk and high reward.

Team Fights

As Hades is a tank you should initiate team fights. You want to start with a Death from Below, , Pillar of Agony combo but make sure everyone is ready because if not, you'll be in the middle of the enemy team with Death from Below on cooldown and you'll either die or have a lot of running to do.

Good Partners

High damage dealing gods with long range ults are preferable but anyone who can lay down damage fast works too. Zeus, Artemis, Anubis, Ymir, Bakasura works well with Hades.Also a good partner is Odin with his Ring of Spears against any non jumpers.


Gods that counter Hades are Anubis and Bakasura as they have high damage that cuts through Hades' defenses like butter. Therefore try to avoid 1v1s with them and strafe like hell to avoid Anubis' Mummify. Also anyone who can jump is a pain for your ult.

Situations and Reactions

  1. Getting Ganked - Best option depends where you are. If you are ganked pull a 180 and rush away using your Death from Below . If you are near the forest try to run your way a decent amount towards the path parallell to you lane then use Shroud of Darkness if they are close and Death from Below to jump through any possible wall to get as much distance as you can. Ganked near their tower run in the forest and make a diagonal towards mid strafing past corners and walls to try to avoid incoming slow. To avoid these situations try to keep an eye on your minimap at the locations of other gods. If you are determined to push then attack from the corner behind the tower that overlooks both paths to you. You sacrifice distance but allow youself the ability to not have to look behind you at all times. If a god approaches b line it out of there and cut through the jungle using walls to your advantage.
  2. Your phoenix is down - Push the fire minions to the best of your ability and hold at the the remains of your closest tower to ensure a less chance of getting ganked use your auto attack to inflict Blight on the archers then use Devour Souls then focus fire on the melee minions possibly using your Devour Souls again. Because of this build you will take little to no damage from theses minions but stay behind yours whenever possible anyway in case of a gank. Stay your place till the phoenix is back up leaving only to replenish mana or escape an enemy god.
  3. Laning against anubis - You don't deal too much damage wether it be early or late game so don't get too gung ho. Keep your distance and watch for when he advances forward most likely he is gonna attempt a wrap. either dodge or use beads and bounce. Ask for assistance and try to hug your tower till help arrives. If help arrives have that person waiting in the forest use Death from Below then Shroud of Darkness then Pillar of Agony. Your teammate and lane partner should be wailing on him by this point. If he's still alive then you did it wrong. The best way to counter anubis is to make sure he doesn't get started. You don't have to kill him (although it is recommended duh) Just play smart and don't feed him. He's not that much of a problem earlier on. 

End note

This is my guide on Hades I hope it's helps and you enjoy using him as much as I do. Have fun out there slaughtering gods. If there is anything else you need to know as far as other situations please ask away.

P.s. Any feed back will be appreciated. 

P.s.s. Never surrender 

Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Death from Below
Shroud of Darkness
Devour Souls
Pillar of Agony

My basic tank build against balanced teams

This is the usual default build for taking damage like a pro, giving you the best chance to escape almost everything. 

Magic Protection focus

Use this if the enemy team has a majority of casters and magic dealers. Try to finish warlock sash Asap.

Physical Protection Focus

Use this if the enemy team has a many physical damage dealers.

Bonus!!! Defense? Pff.

I don't do it often but here is a magic build in case you get bored. Start with Boots of the Magi lv. 1 then get meditation and some potions. then go for Warlock's Sash. Finish sash first for stacks then finish boots. Play more on the Cautious side. Use when paired with odin to take out gods like they were mere ants fighting the russian armies great soviet damage.