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Speed Demon Kali

  • Kali

    Assassin Melee

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    Name Nick

    IGN Daesvail


Kali is one of my favorite gods in Smite, and she can really be a powerhouse if you work hard with her! She was one of the first god's I played when I started into the game. Even now that I am level 27 and have many other gods that I purchased, she is a god I can always fall back on if I want a win. I would even bring her into a ranked match! Hey, the best thing about her too is you start with her!

Strength & Weaknesses of Kali


  • High Speed with Kali Rage
  • High Power with Kali Rage
  • Ability to solo FG/most gods in 1v1
  • Quick escape in case of emergency
  • Heal via Siphon Blood to sustain long term laning


  • Other strong melee such as an damage Odin can easily take Kali out early game
  • Very mana intense early game
  • When Kali's ultimate is down or before she has it, it's very risky to engage in fights against gods with slows
  • Susceptible to magic

Early Game

Kali is very susceptible to ganks pre-ultimate. Because of this you should be very careful with her no matter what you do with her.

Jungle- Kali is a strong jungler, she has passive lifesteal Enrage so you can focus first on her power, which will help you get in and out of the jungle faster. Start with blue once you hit level 2, lane only until then so you can have Blood Lash and Siphon Blood. Taking level one of Warrior Tabi along with Hand of the Gods will put you out of gold at start, but will set you up to jungle.

If the enemy has an Odin on the side you go to jungle I highly suggest asking for a lane switch as this could really wreck an early Kali.

Once you hit level 2 go in and simply dps them down, open with your Blood Lash and then dps down the minions to almost no health. Once you hit ~50% hp while dpsing the buff wielder go ahead and use Siphon Blood to finish off the underlings, as well as heal yourself back up. This allows you to then take out the buff wielder and then move on with a decent amount of hp. Head on over to the defense buff, if you are injured a bit open with your Siphon Blood before using your Hand of the Gods, and then dps down the buff wielder.

From there you can easily jump into mid and help pull off a gank, or head back into left and get a gank there. Try not to engage too heavily until you have your ultimate up, and once Hand of the Gods is off CD go grab the speed buff, using abilities as necessary to take them down.

This is the perfect time to head on back to base, as you can get back in as quickly as possible. This should only be done if you have enough gold to purchase the level 3 of your Warrior Tabi, and possibly level 1 of Heartseeker (although this is optional at this point).

Mid Game

Kali can almost never stay in a lane and be near everywhere on the map once she starts to get into her Kali Rage ability. This makes her ganking ability very high, and with a bit of coordination it can be a kill no matter what other god is in the lane you go to gank.

Say I am heading in from left jungle going towards mid, the enemies first tower is down, as well as ours. Get close to the center lane but make sure you do not get seen by anyone, once you see the enemy mid start to push take the lane from jungle that would put you directly behind them. Ping the map and start your run in. If the mid understands they will push forward suddenly, doing what they can to cc. This will either cc the enemy long enough for you to reach them, or they will retreat from such a sudden strong push causing them to run right into you. This should allow for an effective kill as you can pop your Kali Rage, Blood Lash and Frenzy and take out the remainder of their health.

Besides ganking you will want to make sure you keep up your 40 stacks on Heartseeker, should you ever die go into jungle to get the first few stack back and then lane until you have full stacks.

The importance of where you are will depend on what lane is being pushed the hardest by the enemy. If they push left and right at the same time, take a quick judgement on which has more towers up, and which has the most possibility of being defended by others on your team that might be nearby. Choose always to go to the weaker side, taking jungle routes to come in behind the enemy and try to burst down the weaker the gods that is pushing.

Late Game

Late game is much like mid-game for Kali, although she will be in charge of the FG and Gold Fury for the team. Hit the Gold Fury as much as possible if a team member needs the extra gold, and when you see the tides turning in your teams favor get ready to hit FG (timing this for when all of your team is up as well).

Give warning before you hit FG, as you don't want your team pushing hard into a lane as you are getting it. Call out you are going to get it, and ask them to retreat a bit. Afterwards you call for everyone to push forward. If all 4 of the rest of your team is in a side lane, Kali can even go to the opposite side and solo towers/phoenixes with minimal help from creeps. This can help assure your team can divide the enemy and push forward twords the Minotaur.

Otherwise late game Kali is very similar to mid-game. With the addition of the slow on her auto attacks as long as she is not ganked most gods will not be able to get away, and will fall to her blades.

Team Fights

While most of this guide shows Kali as a very aggressive style god, she should remain quite passive when in team fights. She will go down quite easily when focused, so she needs to utilize her tanks and swoop in for attacks.

If fighting at your phoenix and defending, always try to slip in from the side, calling for a sudden push letting her sneak through the enemies to a weaker god and burst them down quickly. Also if you push from behind them in between creep waves you can effectively open up a chance for your team to push. Do not use your Frenzy as a means of damage in team fights though, due to how it will prevent her from being slowed you will want to save it in case you need a quick escape. With Frenzy you can push through all manner of slows and you can escape from a situation where you would otherwise die, while putting some damage in to gods who get too close.

To name what Kali is in team fights, I would name her an assassin/burst. She can come in and unload tons of damage, but needs to be ferried out of the thick of battle soon after.

Good Partners

One of my favorite gods to pair up with would be a well played Hades. His Pillar of Agony locks enemies in place allowing for a great deal of damage to be done, along with a perfect opportunity to unload Kali's Frenzy.

Odin will also be a great god to team with as with his Odin's Shout and Ring of Spears, he can help you truly unload the damage upon the enemy (assuming it isn't a jumper)

Other gods to note would include Sobek for his Charge Prey, Artemis for her Transgressors Fate / Calydonian Boar, Arachne for her Cocoon, and Sun Wukong for a nice Year of the Monkey / damage unload from you both.


Sobek is a danger to a Kali even in end game. He can displace her and toss her into the middle of a team, and this will almost always spell doom for her. Odin Will also prove troublesome if she is captured in his Ring of Spears and the rest of his team is nearby. In both these cases Kali need heavy support from her team to be able to make it out alive.


This guide is about Kali's speed, and the ability to get in and out of situations as quickly as possible. While the ability order below does put her speed buff last to level, it can be switched to grab rank 1 early on to help. Although, overall, even without her ability she is able to move about the map quite quickly if played correctly. Even in situations where she ends up cornered, Kali can get out in all but the most extreme of circumstances.

Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Kali Rage
Blood Lash
Siphon Blood

Speed gank

This item set is perfect for how Kali is set up. It incorporates high power, with high speed, and moderate attack speed to decimate enemies.

At max level no god should be able to catch you if you pop Kali Rage, and none should be able to get away from you either due to the slow you will lay down on them.

Due to Kali's passive 5% lifesteal starting out the lifesteal on Devourer's Gloves can be put off till the fifth item, also making for jungling to be maximized early on. Keep your 40 stack up on Heartseeker and this item set will do you a great deal of damage to the enemy team.

The Golden Bow is an optional choice, but is highly recommended against a team with a Arachne, Bakasura or Bastet. This allows you to get a heal off of their adds along with dpsing them down while still putting damage into them effectively. This is based upon enemy composition though so below I have listed alternates to this item.

Alternates to Golden Bow

This is all a setup of extra items you could get that replace the Golden Bow.

Qin's Blades is always a nice item to have, and adds in a good deal of damage along with giving Kali a bit of extra health.

The Executioner gives Kali more power and attack speed, along with reducing the enemies armor. This combined with a slow and high power from her Kali Rage will help secure kills.

Deathbringer will add in a good deal of crit, making Kali even more lethal if she is able to continually melee her opponent.

Titan's Bane will help push through a heavily defended tank, and make your attacks more worthwhile. This could help you push through a heavily defended tank and force an enemy retreat.

Witch Stone gives Kali a bit more defense making her foe's weaker while adding a bit more damage and speed to her attacks.

Voidblade really give Kali some defense, and cuts through enemy defenses. Both this item and Witch Stone are the last to be recommended though, and will yield the least benefit of the items listed.