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Sobek - Charge To Win!

  • Sobek

    Melee Tank

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    Name Anthony



First off, thanks for checking out this guide. This is my first ever guide.

Every game is different in some way, so remember there are certain situations where you will need to stray from this guide. I have over 600 games played and a majority of them are with Sobek.

Strength & Weaknesses of Sobek


  • VERY good initiator
  • His Sickening Strike reduces enemy healing by 50% (Not a lot of players realize that)
  • Great at chasing/escaping
  • Great at disrupting and being a pain in the ass
  • Good at tanking Gold Fury and Fire Giant earlier on because of his passive


  • Miss your Charge Prey and you could be in some trouble
  • Not the best farmer/pusher


Armor of the Nile

Sobek's basic attacks that hit an enemy grant him +10 physical and magical protection for 4 seconds (max 3 stacks).

Be sure to take advantage of this passive, especially early on. What I love doing right before I use Charge Prey is attack the melee minions 3 times. That way, whether you throw the enemy back or miss, you'll receive less damage from the minions and enemies.

Charge Prey

Sobek charges forward at a frenzied pace. If Sobek hits an enemy god in his path, he stuns him doing 70/110/150/190/230 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage and throwing the god behind Sobek. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana. Cooldown: 15s.

This ability is what makes Sobek so useful. It has a pretty good range so use the enemy's fear of being thrown back to your advantage (which will be talked about more in the next section). Not only is it good at initiating, it's also great for chasing the enemy that is trying to escape as well as an ok escape. Just be careful when using this ability though. If you miss, you could be in a very bad position. If you and your laning parter is chasing an enemy, be aware that your partner could have a leap/dash of their own. What I see time and time again is that a Sobek's partner uses a dash/jump at the same time that sobek uses this ability. One last thing to be careful about is, when escaping, try to stay clear of enemies in your path. If you are running away towards your base, you might accidentally charge into an enemy, slowing you down a lot and shortening the distance that you charge.

Tail Whip

Sobek whips around in a circle, knocking enemies back and doing 80/125/170/215/260 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana. Cooldown: 12s.

This is a great disruption ability. You can use it not only to knock back an enemy in a certain direction, but it also cancels a lot of abilities! It cancels the types of abilities that take a brief moment to cast as well as Anubis's Plague of Locusts channeling ability. Use this ability RIGHT after you use Charge Prey to briefly keep the enemy from using their jump/dash. But be careful though. It could cause your partner to miss their skill shot.

Sickening Strike

Sobek does an axe attack that damages all enemies in front of him for 60/100/140/180/220 (+30% of your magical power) magical damage and lowers their healing received by 50% for 4 seconds. In addition, Sobek heals 20/30/40/50/60 (+10% of your magical power) for each enemy hit. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana. Cooldown: 13s. 

What a lot of people don't realize about this ability is that it lowers the healing received by 50% to all hit enemies. In some ways, it's better than the items that reduce healing received; Brawler's Beat Stick and Divine Ruin (Both items are 25% with stacks up to 75% and only lasts 3 seconds). Try to hit as many enemies as you can with this ability, especially if the team has a lot of healers. This is the ability you'll want to max because it gives you a good amount of sustain in lane. If you position yourself right, you can hit all the minions in lane for the maximum amount of healing.

Lurking in the Waters

Sobek submerges himself into a pool of water for 4 seconds. While Sobek remains underwater, he regens mana and is immune to crowd control. Enemies within the pool are slowed. When Sobek emerges, he damages all enemies in the radius for 350/500/650/800/950 (+80% of your magical power) magical damage. Cancelling the ability early results in decreased damage. Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana. Cooldown: 90s.

This ability has a pretty good radius for the amount of damage that it does so try to hit as many enemies as possible. What's great about it is that it gives you mana as well. It makes your lane sustain pretty amazing. Especially since Sickening Strike gives you health. If you are ever wanting to dive an enemy that has half health or lower at a tower, just wait till the minions get in tower range and use this ability. The slowing affect doesn't aggro the tower to you. If the enemy hasn't jumped or dashed away, you should be able to finish the kill and then Charge Prey out of tower range taking only 1 or 2 hits.

Early Game

Your early game should be about Charge Prey and getting your carry fed. If the enemies laning against you are very passive and cautious (as they should be), then use that to your advantage. Freeze the lane near the middle by not auto attacking and let your carry last hit. Meanwhile, position yourself near the other side of the enemy archers to zone the enemies out of XP range. This should give your lane a huge advantage on XP and gold.

Mid Game

As Sobek you should focus on helping your team get fed. Sure, a fed Sobek is nice, but a fed Cupid/Wukong/Ra is a lot better. As soon as you destroy your lane's first tower, start ganking the other lanes. You should also be buying a couple wards every time you go back. Don't underestimate the power of warding. Focus on Gold Fury and Fire Giant of course. Around 15 minutes into the game, try to organize your team into getting Gold Fury. You should be able to tank it long enough for your team to get it. Just make sure to ward so you know if the enemies are coming. 

Late Game

Late game Sobek is all about charging and disrupting. Focus on charging on the carries. If they are too cautious, it sometimes wouldn't hurt to charge a tank if you think your team can burst him down quick enough. You should be sticking with the majority of your team most of late game, except when you are warding. Let the carries split push. 

Team Fights

In team fights, Sobek should first try to initiate by throwing back a carry for your team to eat up. Use Tail Whip and Sickening Strike on as many enemies as you can before using Lurking in the Waters. While you are using it, the squishies should be trying to avoid it, as it does a pretty good chunk of their health. When they try to avoid it, keep following them. While the rest of your team bursts down whoever you threw back, you'll keep the carries out of the fight. If they decide to just stay in the fight anyways, well, the squishies will regret that as soon as it pops. If they decide to try and burst you down while you are in Lurking in the Waters, don't be afraid to pop it early for reduced damage before dying. Don't be too bummed out about dying in team fights though. If you die instead of the carries, then you are doing your job.

Good Partners

One of THE best laning partners in this game at the moment is Cupid/Sobek. The lane sustain is by far the best. With both having heals and a way to get mana from their abilities. Let Cupid get 10 stacks of his passive (Lovestruck), then pull someone in. The early game from both of these guys are far too strong. Another amazing partner is Anubis. Charge, stun, burst down, gg.

Other good partners are Anhur, Sun Wukong, Artemis, Bakasura, and basically any carry.


During laning phase, it's incredibly hard to counter Sobek. One of the few things you can do is play passive or try to predict when a Sobek is about to Charge, dodge it, and make him pay. Also, try to have your team place gods with jumps and escapes against Sobek.

After laning phase is over, if the enemy Sobek is a big enough problem, get Aegis Amulet. Remember to wait 2-3 seconds after Sobek uses Lurking in the Waters. Consider getting Magi's Blessing as well to cancel out Charge Prey.

Also (haven't tested this yet), since the Purification Beads buff last Thursday (20th Sept 2012), you might be able to use it before or right as soon as Sobek hits you with Charge Prey to cancel it out.

Ability Order

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Charge Prey
Tail Whip
Sickening Strike
Lurking in the Waters

Basic Tanky Build

This is basically just a general good build for him. Of course, as a tank, it all depends on what the other team has. If you can't get too much of a farm, then you may want a different item in place for Gauntlet of Thebes. For the next builds, I'll assume that's the case and replace that item. 

If you didn't need to be as tanky, you could go ahead and switch out one of the last items with Gem of Isolation.

As far as abilities go, I would start out with Hand of the Gods. The next two just depends on the other team. If you don't need Purification Beads, then you can grab either Heavenly Agility or Creeping Curse. Maybe even both. Again, it all depends on the other team and what you need. 

Physical Protection Build

You'll probably always need at least a little bit of magical protection with a physical protection build and vis versa. To me Void Stone and Wall of Absolution are really amazing items to get. 

Magical Protection Build

This is just based on the assumption that the team you are facing is very magical heavy or the magical carry is very well fed. You'll still probably need some physical defense so that's why I included the last 2 items. Especially the last one since all the health items will work well with