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  • About the Creator

    Name Hodaka

    IGN Mizukiqt

    Hello there and welcome to my website! I'm a big fan of Smite, but when I first started playing the game I had trouble finding Smite guides. I therefore spent most of my free time creating this website, in the hopes that one day it will help others in a similar situation.

    I'm a one man band and I have full-time work. Looks like in the time I spent coding this site a couple of really good ones have popped up! Anyhow I am dedicated to the site and therefore am trying to make it a success.

    I know there are many improvements that can be made, and I'm sure you guys will come across bugs that I couldn't find myself! Please bear with me as I try to sort them out. I created this page so that people can see what I'm working on, what problem I'm aware of etc... You should also be able to report any problems via the Facebook page.

    Thanks for your patience, and happy Smiting!

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